Orson brings a new angle on advising decision-makers by augmenting with AI in a narration combining contemporary societal issues, technology and global strategy.
In partnership with Superspace, we have tackled several issues. First, be reassuring despite the usual discretion of consulting firms regarding their clients. Second, integrate the unique use of artificial intelligence into a human and holistic approach. Lastly, move away from a statutory institutional iconography with embodied visuals closer to contemporary topics.

The identity revolves around Big Daily font, suggested by Superspace, to which we added the basel grotesk for complementary texts. The result is a more editorial angle, particularly through the headlines where journalistic iconography echoes current issues.

The menu works as a full sentence that sums up the firm and emphasizes its personification. Each part leading to further explanations of these notions. 

We have not left behind the dimension of guidance and its human character, therefore we opted for warm light ocher backgrounds accompanied by an orange halo, diffuse pulsation, suggesting Orson’s presence.

Based on simple geometrical shapes combined together, the pictographic choices express technicality and precision while keeping a logical link between the four abstract themes. The “Trust Wheel” symbolizes the interdependence of 12 key topics within the company.

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